Garlic Festival Shooting

Start Date: 07/28/2019


This was a quick peer support call out for the aftermath of the Garlic Festival Shooting. Our primary response was peer support with the first responders, of which only those from American Medical Response were present. The event was still unfolding and many first responders were held on scene. We were able to provide support to 2 of the first ambulances that were on scene and transported patients. There was hope of being more attendees, but after the request came out, the Incident Command pulled units back in and held them till close to midnight. At that point, we determined that our services with HOPE and the peer support probably weren't going to be utilized today and it would be best to disband. This situation is still evolving and there will probably be more requests for our HOPE teams later in the coming weeks.

Agency: American Medical Response

Christi Bragg/Gertie