College of the Mainland/Vaccine Clinic, TX

Start Date: 06/16/2021


Two clinics in adjacent buildings were scheduled simultaneously, with one scheduled to end at 11 and the other one continuing until 4:00pm. We scheduled all four area HOPE teams, however, Sally Farley was unable to attend because of illness. The all day site expected 200 vaccinations to be given and was held in a community medical clinic. Upon arrival, both the GCHD nurses and our HOPE representative were told that our presence was not needed. Our three teams then were at the Health Fair, scheduled to be a morning site with 100 visitors expected. Counting the representatives from area health agencies, we estimated 100 contacts. Most of these contacts were made at the health fair site, rather than the room for Covid vaccinations. Many people were getting their first vaccines. A few teenagers were at this site, but it was mostly adults.

Agency: Galveston County Health Department

Jeanne Hooke and Rebel; Gwen Leever and Pickle Juice