Gilbert Memorial Park Teacher Memorial

Start Date: 11/23/2019


Background information....Hope AZ was called to work at the Grand Opening for Gilbert's first Cemetery/Mortuary at the beginning of the month. Our Group works with city officials in Gilbert quite often.

The Funeral home, Gilbert Memorial Park, recommended to the decedents family our group as a possibility to be at the service.
The decedent was a local, long time, loved teacher in the community who had lost her battle with cancer and was a huge animal lover and advocate. They expected 150 in attendance. The family had asked that in lieu of flowers for friends to donate to a dog group in their mothers name.
Hope was suggested to be present at the service for mourners and for the family by the Funeral Home.
The two teams (Tracy/Evelyn and Sharon/Abby) arrived before the public to meet with the family. The daughters of the decedent
were so pleased to have our teams present. As the public arrived we stayed back but visible for mourners to come and engage with
the dogs. Abby and Evelyn work weekly at the airport they are in-sync with each other and give and take with attention.
As the service began, we stepped out and walked the grounds to rest and potty the dogs. We then went back to same area and
waited for mourners to exit chapel and head to lunch. Lunch was running late so we had about 30 minutes to help family and
friends fill the empty time. We met most of the attendees at this time. When the catered lunch arrived. We waited until food service was up and then we slipped away.

Agency: Gilbert Memorial Park Funeral Home

Tracy Stofflet and Eveyln