Harris County DA Victims Assistance

Start Date: 08/22/2019


Gus and I were deployed to the sentencing trial involving a crime committed against a client of the Victim Assistance program. He is diagnosed with severe PTSD. This was a continuation of a court date the previous month when we met our client but the trial was postponed. We met his case manager in the DA's office for Victim Assistance prior to the trial and revisited case managers CGC HOPE members met in March to start our participation. We also shared HOPE information with Jalayne Robinson, the state coordinator for Victim Services.

We waited with our client and his mother, along with the case manager, in a small consultation room at the back of the courtroom prior to the trial starting. Gus helped comfort him during a court recess after an emotional meltdown while testifying. He was able to continue his testimony and later read his impact statement to the judge following this recess. The prosecutor and case manager commented that he was much more composed during the second part of the trial.

Agency: Harris County DA Victims Assistance