Hawthorne Halloween Spooktakular

Start Date: 10/30/2019


Kelda and I arrived and looked for Lameka and Scotty, who were in the auditorium mingling with the children and adults in the community. This is an annual Halloween party for the children of Hawthorne, a safe place where they can come in costume, play various games (like bean bag toss and all games had a Halloween theme and gave out candy) dance and go thru a haunted passageway. There was music and a stage for dancing. Also the Hawthorne Police Department, LA Rams (with LA Rams cheerleaders) LA Kings (with Kings Crew members) also had booths and handed out candy.

Kelda and Scotty were a big with the children and adults alike and many pictures were taken with the children/adults and the dogs. In fact the Hawthorne Police Officers, LA Rams and the LA Kings wanted their photos with the dogs. In fact I learned later that both the LA Rams and LA Kings each posted their photos of Kelda and Scotty.

Agency: Hawthorne Police Department