Health and Fitness Expo - Linesville, PA

Start Date: 2022-03-31

Description: This was an opportunity to develop relationships with vendors and community leaders in the Linesville/Pymatuming/Crawford County vicinity as well as introduce the HOPE AACR organization to potential canine teams or team leader candidates. The Expo ran from 10:30am until 6:00pm and was split into three shifts with one canine team on each shift. HOPE EUS had a table just inside the door as attendees entered. On the table was a display board with several photos of teams, team leaders and actual settings of deployments and training for attendees to see. There were brochures available for attendees to take as well as canine team HOPE business and trading cards. Lastly there was a computer with a looping PowerPoint presentation with an embedded video explaining what HOPE is and the comfort/support they provide. the on-duty canine was there to answer any questions that attendees might ask.

Agency: Active Aging Center at Lakeland/Valley
Teams: John Knauer and Finnegan, Doug Dunbar and Murray, Tami Farrell and Remi