Hemet Sheriff Station

Start Date: 05/05/2019


Jan Heppert received a request through Facebook from Debbie-MacNeill-Harr requesting comfort dogs to come to the Hemet Sheriff Station. One of their explorers was involved in a car accident that proved to be fatal for him. Ms. Harr was looking for a dog or two to provide comfort to their Explorers, as they broke the news to them. Jan was unable to respond, but contacted me to see if I was available. Nikki and I were able to respond. We arrived at the station at 7:15pm and met with Maritza San Nicholas who took us to the room where the Explorers were being told by the Sheriff Chaplain that their friend was not going to make it. There was 32 people in the room of which 20 were Explorers. We were able to walk freely around the room as they talked about Michael and what a great person he was. Many hugged Nikki as they were trying to take in what happened. The evening ended with the Chaplain asking everyone to join hands and make a circle and he played the song “How Great Thou Are” and then said a Prayer. We thanked them for asking us to respond and we left around 9:00pm.

Agency: Henet Sheriff Department