Lakewood Resource Center

Start Date: 2021-12-31

Description: This was the second day at the Resource Center in response to the shooting that occurred in Lakewood on Monday--5 killed, 2 wounded. Todays team included Barb and Mack, myself and Revvy, and Kathy. The first couple hours at the center were quite with only two clients. We visited with staff and ventured down the street to canvas at stores, unfortunately most shops were closed for the holiday. Around 10:30am we were informed that the partner of one of the victims had called and specifically requested to visit with the dogs and was on his way in. When he arrived Mack and Barb were involved with some young girls so Revvy and I accompanied him to visit with a counselor. We stayed with him for over an hour. Revvy rested at his feet, periodically sitting up to nuzzle his hands when his emotions rose. Meanwhile, Barb and Mack fielded a late day rush of 14 survivors and their family members!

Agency: Lakewood Victims Advocacy & Police Department
Teams: Barbara O'Dwyer & Mack