Lifeworks Mental Health Clinic

Start Date: 2022-02-16

Description: Our visit was to support the mental health staff at this facility. They set me up in an empty classroom so staff could stop and visit on their way to lunch. We were warmly welcomed by at least 15+ employees in the first 30 minutes. We received many comments how wonderful it was to interact with Jazzi stating her calm sweet nature and how she made their day. Doesn't get much better than that. They then asked us to go to the emergency call center to visit with the staff that takes the first contact calls. It was a dimly lit room to create a calm environment with several work cubicles. With my 6-foot lead I kind of stood in the middle letting Jazzi go from person to person at will as we introduced ourselves. They asked questions on the work Jazzi does for HOPE so I shared a bit how she works and some of my past experiences which they seemed to enjoy. They were all very engaged with her, and I would consider this a very successful visit. We were received warmly by all, and I truly felt we made a difference.

Agency: Lifeworks Mental Health Clinic
Teams: none