Livingston Health Care Staff Support

Start Date: 2022-05-12

Description: HOPE AACR was asked to join in celebration and support of the medical and administrative staff in recognition of their exceptional commitment to the care of their patients and family members over the last 2+ years! The Event was held over the lunch hour so that staff would be able to share a special luncheon with colleagues as well as have time to visit with at least one HOPE AACR Canine over the three hour period. Due to LHC's Health protocols, our HOPE Canines was asked to provide emotional support and encouragement outside, as this facility does NOT allow for animal visits within the facility! Although the weather was cool, windy, and rainy...those who chose to come outside were ALL DELIGHTED to have had the chance to visit with one or both of the canines...Layla (with Katherine Howe) and Lamar (with Gail Richardson). The requesting department provided us with an overhead canopy to shelter against the rain, a water proof tarp in which to stand on and chairs in which to sit, as needed. We were dressed for the conditions, thus we stayed warm. It was incredible to have so many staff members brave the cold and wet ...even if they themselves were not dressed for the outside conditions!! They were just so excited to have the dogs come to VISIT THEM!

Agency: Livingston Health Care/Marketing and Communications Administration
Teams: Katherine Howe and Layla.....Gail Miller-Richardson and Lamar