Los Amigos Teacher Death

Start Date: 2022-01-04

Description: HOPE AACR was asked to respond to support students following the sudden death of their teacher. 4th Grade Teacher died in a motorcycle accident on the way t school the Friday before the winter break. Teams were asked to be present the first week they returned to school. Teams were present Monday 1/3 (separate deployment report). After consultation with the principal and counseling team it was decided to phase the dogs out slowly and no teams would be needed past wednesday. Tuesday 1/4/22- canine teams supported 5 4th and 5th grade classrooms (including class of the deceased teacher). and one 1st grade room Wednesday 1/5- canine teams supported the one 5th grade classroom that had not been visited and then spent a significant amount of time with the class of the deceased teacher connecting and saying goodbye as this was their third day with dogs. School therapists led the students in an activity where the students created their own 'trading cards' to give to the dogs as a transitional object.

Agency: Los Amigos Elementary School
Teams: 1/4/22 Bagel & Grace Chen Harley & Beth Houser 1/5/22 Star & Bari Boersma