Los Angeles Coroner's Office

Start Date: 01/29/2020


The Los Angeles Coroner's Office made a specific request to Hope to have the team of Linda Teahen and Calvin (familiar with their staff for over a year now) to make a visit in response to their heightened stress level and workload from the recent helicopter crash of Kobe Bryant and 8 other victims. The staff were affected on a deeper level than usual due to the nature of the tragedy along with the victims involved. Linda and Calvin rotated throughout each division allowing Calvin to interact with all employees as long as they needed. It was an unannounced visit (as opposed to our monthly visits as a Pet Partners team) which made the interactions even more personal and appreciated by their staff. Many of their staff commented that "this was just what they needed" and look forward to Calvin's visits.

Agency: Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiner/Coroner’s Office