Los Angeles County Fire Death

Start Date: 05/25/2019


On Thursday, May 24th, I received a call from Emily Craig of Cal Fire advising us that Los Angeles County Fire Department had lost one of their long time dispatchers to a heart attack. Emily stated LACFD had seen our social media post of visits we made to Cal Fire dispatch. Emily gave LACFD my contact information for a possible deployment request. I was contacted by Lead Dispatcher Ed Pickett. Ed asked us if we could respond to the LAFD Command and Control Center Facility in LA on Friday and cover all shifts. On Friday May, 25th, Bari and Star and Henry and I arrived at the Command Center @ 0545. We visited with the midnight shift from 0600 - 0700. We then attended the day shift dispatch briefing @ 0700 and made visits till about 0800. At 1800, Jan and Muffin, Katherine and Teddy and Grace and Bagel visited with dispatchers till about 2000. From all accounts, our ability to respond on such short notice and the fact we were able to send 5 teams astonished the LACFD personnel. They were also amazed by our teams training and calm canines.

Agency: Los Angeles County Fire Department

Bari Boersma and Star, Jan Aven and Muffin, Grace Chen and Bagel, Katherine Jarrett and Teddy