MADD Candlelight Vigil, Colorado Springs

Start Date: 11/09/2019


HOPE teams were invited to participate in the annual MADD vigil. This is always a very emotional, touching event. The teams were welcomed warmly and began circulating before the event started. We received many "thank you's" for being there. A video was shown at the beginning of the event honoring the memory of a young mother of 4 who lost her life to a drunk driver. How could a preventable event such as this not affect you deeply? We received many "thank you's" for being there. After the event the teams stayed and interacted with many of the families. Again, much appreciation was offered for our teams being there to support the grieving families and staff .

Agency: Mothers Against Drunk Drivers

Lee Fernholz & Grace, Dawn Griebelbauer & Keeper, Ann Ringler & Kara, Shirley Abbott & Lyrrik