Marquette High School Student Death

Start Date: 03/26/2022


RM N. Meier received notification of an unexpected student death on Friday, 3/25/2022. Teams were set up to be deployed on 3/26/2022. First day of deployment was on a Saturday.

Saturday, 3/26/2022: We (1-TL, 2 - canine teams) were stationed in the school library with counselors and students. Approximately 30 staff and 10 students were present. The Bothwell Middle School Therapy Dog was also present.

Monday 3/28/2022: We (1-TL, 3-canine teams) greeted students at the main two entrances. Counselors were set up in the Guidance Office. We were dispatched to various classrooms, meeting areas throughout the day. The Bothwell Middle School Therapy Dog was present.

Tuesday 3/29/2022: We (2 canine teams) greeted students and staff at the main entrance and guidance office. We were planning on ending our presence at noon, but a press release issued by local media and Sheriff's office was unexpected and placed students and staff back on the grieving process. The Bothwell Middle School Therapy Dog came back to the High School.

Wednesday 3/30/2022: We (1-TL and 1-canine team) were set to report to the high school. School was cancelled on 3/30/2022 and /3/31/2022 due to a winter storm

Agency: Marquette High School

Julie Jenson/Leo, Kelly December/Daisy, Karen Alvord/Charles, Nick Meier/Ischgl amd Cathy Queen/Parker