MCSO Peer Support

Start Date: 06/26/2019


We were called on 6/25 to serve the 911 dispatchers at MCSO due to the pending death of a 40 year old dispatcher. The caller expressed that it was a lot of additional stress with everything else that they had going on, so they thought our dogs might lighten their load a bit. Stephanie found most all dispatchers to be in good spirits with no one really expressing any sadness. Jamie and Diane had a similar outcome. Diane stated that she and Jamie found it fascinating to listen in on calls, and really wondered how situations would play out. I found it amazing at how seemlessly these dispatchers flowed from conversations with us to doing their jobs when they received a call. They all seemed to really enjoy the dogs. The times were chosen to hit dispathers from both day and pm shifts

Agency: Maricopa County Sheriff's Office

Stephanie Clark and Parker 6/26, then Diane Spence and Chloe, Jamie Deppey and Manda 6/27