Memorial Service - 3 Teens Killed in Corona, CA

Start Date: 01/28/2020


Three teen-agers were killed in a road rage incident following a teen-age prank. HOPE AACR was asked to respond prior to the Memorial Service. The teams arrived and immediately began drawing attention of the attendees; many asked for details about the dogs and what kind of work they do. It was a wonderful opportunity to share details about HOPE and to distribute the cards. The handlers and the dogs remained outside of the sanctuary and left the site about an hour after the Memorial Service began. Many of the attendees seemed most appreciative of the opportunity to seek comfort at a very stressful time.

Agency: Crossroads Church, Corona

Steve Booth and Henry; Carol Betzer and Nikki; Bari Boersma and Star; Laura Finlon and Gunner; Katie Priest and Wall-E; Jodi Smith and Daltrey