Memorial Service for Huntington Beach Police Officer Nicholas Vella

Start Date: 2022-03-08

Description: HOPE was asked to assist in the memorial service for Officer Vella who was killed in the line of duty in a helicopter. Expecting 3000-5000 people, it was held in the Honda Center. Our teams were there to greet the mourners as they arrived at the arena. Once the memorial part of the service was over, there was a continuation of the service outside for a helicopter flyover and a riderless horse. Once that concluded our teams were there for any mourners needing comfort. Most of the interactions took place in the afternoon.

Agency: Huntington Beach Police Department
Teams: LaWana Heald & Robby, Grace Chen & Bagel, Steve Booth & Henry, Constance Howell & Kelda, Jan Heppert & Sequoia, Carol Betzer & Skittles, Leslie White & Abby