Metra Passenger Train Emergency Preparedness Training (IL)

Start Date: 04/10/2022


As part of HOPE Illinois’ commitment to experiential activities, Janel Zuranski set up this presentation about Emergency Preparedness Training. For the first part we met indoors for a talk and video. Many examples were given about train crashes and disasters. After this we drove over to the train yard where all the dogs and handlers boarded a train in order for the dogs to see, touch, smell and hear what it is like to be on a train. Not only was this a wonderful hands-on (paws-on) experience
for the dogs, but the presenters were extremely interested in HOPE’s mission. They promised to share our information with their many contacts. Interestingly, one of their biggest suggestions was to contact police/fire chaplains to get our name known. We have already been contacted by the Crisis Unit of the Aurora Police

Agency: Metra Passenger Train

Christina Riley, Terri Rafter & Sweetie, Janel Zuranski & Gossamer, Cathy Barnes & Anela, Julie Jensen & Leo, Shay Jacobson & Chia