Mitchell High School

Start Date: 09/08/2021


The HOPE dogs were invited to visit Mitchell High School to support students and staff after a recent suicide. The counselors told us that every day 6-8 students are placed on a "watch list". This, of course, creates a great deal of concern for the school staff. The staff felt that a visit from the dogs would benefit the students greatly.
The teams were placed in an outdoor courtyard adjacent to the cafeteria. The visits were divided into 2 sessions coordinating with 2 lunch periods with a break in between. The first session was very crowded and somewhat chaotic. Not only were there many many students, there was a lot of food. For the most part students were pretty respectful. They seemed to enjoy the dogs tremendously. The second session was less crowed which was a nice reprieve for the dogs. There was a student who kept dropping a metal water bottle just in front of the dogs. The student was asked to stop this behavior but continued to purposefully drop the water bottle which clearly disturbed the dogs. Fortunately the lunch session ended and the student left.
The staff thanked us profusely for being there as did many students.


Agency: Mitchell High School

Lee Fernholz and Grace, Dawn Griebelbaur and Keeper