Municipa; Court

Start Date: 2021-02-11

Description: We were called to support a young victim during testimony against her stepfather. We, Sheryl and I, actually met the victim and her mother Feb. 4th to get acquainted and walk through what was going to happen. (Sheryl was shadowing me to see what happens at these more sensitive deployments.) I showed the victim how she would have a leash for Cinder too, we walked to the witness stand so she became accustomed to the setting. I also gave her a small stuffed Golden Puppy to keep incase she became anxious about the trial during the week. The day of the trial, Feb. 11th, Sheryl and I arrived, however, the court has a (COVID) rule that only 10 people can be present in the courtroom at a time, thus, Sheryl had to leave. The trial began, the mother was called first, we sat in the back of the courtroom, she kept petting Cinder as she was very anxious, then it was her time to testify. We took the stand and she did a wonderful, confident job of answering both the prosecutor and defense attorneys questions. She was actually called to the stand again to rebut the testimony of a defense witness, with Cinder by her side, she was calm and confident. Ultimately a guilty verdict was handed down by the judge.

Agency: Prosecutors Office
Teams: Sheryl Clark