Murrieta Valley High School Every 15 Minute Program

Start Date: 04/25/2019


HOPE was asked to participate in the Every 15 Minute Program at Murrieta Valley High School. We arrived at the command center at 7:45 to meet and interact with the students chosen to reenact the crash scene and the 20 living dead students.The dogs were very well received by both the students, Police officers as well as medical staff present. We attended the crash reenactment, then stayed at the school until 2:30 supporting students. At 3:45 we arrived at the Hampton Inn Hotel for the evening dinner and retreat. Several speakers talked to the students about the consequences and punishment for driving under the influence or distracted driving that causes an accident. Afterwards the students wrote their letters to their parents which is always emotional. The evening ended around 10pm. The next morning we arrived at 9:30 for the assembly. I have participated in several E15 programs and usually the assembly involves the dogs with the students and families of the participants. This time we were asked to stage in the bleachers. After the video was played we were asked for a dog to go outside to work with TIP volunteers with students affected by the reenactment video. Soon I was asked to come outside with Star due to the number of students that left the assembly emotionally touched due to their own experiences. After the assembly was over we were asked for a dog back inside to assist some students. Soon both dogs were inside to work with students. We attended the lunch for families and student participants and left around 12:30.

Agency: Murrieta Police Dept/Murrieta School District

Katherine Priest and Wall-E