National Day of Remembrance for Murder Victims, Colorado

Start Date: 09/26/2019


The National Day of Remembrance is to honor and remember family members who have been murdered. Families, victim advocates, district attorney and police department representatives attend. It is a time for each family group to honor their loved one by sharing with the group their picture, birth and death date and their age. Tammy Rafferty Johnson and Melissa Brown both spoke very movingly about the murder for hire of their husband and sister respectively by their brother in law. They were both targeted but thankfully were not present when the murders occurred. They spoke about how they were impacted and how they are now speaking out and working in the community to support other victims. There was some mingling before and after the service and we were able to bring joy and support to many individuals. Many of the families we knew through our work with the Parents of Murdered Children support group. It was meaningful for me to see the pictures of the children/family members they talk about each month

Agency: Colorado Organization for Victim Assistance