Oakland County Crisis Response Organization (MI) Joint Deployment

Start Date: 11/07/2019


A deployment was activated for OCCRO to respond to Hart Middle School in Rochester Hills, MI due to a student suicide which occurred in early October. (While I am a member of OCCRO, when an AACR dog team can be utilized I accompany them as a HOPE team, not as a member of OCCRO) The format was to be an informal drop in type of interaction with staff and no students. Darby and I accompanied the personnel from OCCRO in interacting with the staff. After a meeting with the school district nurse who requested the deployment we were staged in a small office where staff came in small groups or trickled in one by one. We learned that this was the third student suicide at this school in four years which appeared to have a great impact on the staff. The presence of a HOPE AACR team was very beneficial as some approached us right away and some looked at Darby often while speaking then did interact at great length with her at the end. At that time it was evident the relief she brought. At the beginning I did explain that we encouraged interaction with her yet did not want to be a distraction and I think that was helpful to incorporate her into the session. This allowed time for OCCRO personnel to help direct the session as well as provide that much needed relief an AACR team can bring. I did leave HOPE business cards and relayed how HOPE AACR teams can be utilized should they need our services in the future.

Agency: Oakland County (MI) Crisis Response Organization

Carrie Jones and Darby