Student Death N.I.C.E. Community Schools (MI)

Start Date: 04/27/2022


A student at Aspen Ridge Middle School died unexpectedly in the school building while school was in session on 4/25/22. HOPE AACR was in St. Ignace for the Superior Shields active shooter drill when the request for deployment was received. Nick Meier the HAR (also the MW Regional Manager) organized teams to deploy to a gathering organized by the school system scheduled for 4/26/22. Social workers, counselors, clergy, nurses and 3 HOPE AACR canine teams were there to assist the any staff, students and community members. A local therapy dog also responded for part of the time. We were informed there would be a therapy dog attending so arrangements were made to keep the teams separated prior to the therapy dog's arrival. The event was well organized and well attended.

Agency: NICE Community Schools

Becky Engelter/Ella and Julia Meier/Ischgl