North East High School Student Death

Start Date: 2022-02-02

Description: We were asked to deploy to NE HS following a student death beginning 2/2/2022 and were asked to stay again 2/3/2022 but due to snow and the school going virtual the visit on 2/3 was cancelled. We were then asked to resume our deployment Feb 7-8, 2022. This is a small school with a tight knit community and many students were effected by this death. The student was a band member as well as a member of the swim team with many connections. We were in the auditorium along with the school counseling teams to offer support for the students. The overwhelming majority of the students who visited only wanted to visit with the dogs and deferred to talk to the school counselors.

Agency: North East Superintendent
Teams: Sue Herman and Lilly, Sue Herman and Talon, Cece Patterson and Hamish, Doug Dunbar and Murray