North Park Elementary School Career Day

Start Date: 2022-05-26

Description: Today was a mass career day planned and prepared by the POC for the entire elementary school. We were to visit our scheduled classrooms as provided in our itinerary as well as attached map. Our presentations were from kindergarteners up to 4th grade. Bari and I planned to discuss our own careers but mainly focus on what we do as our "side job" or after work hour careers with our pups and their certification with HOPE. We each decided to cover more classrooms by going separately, give a short presentation, show the basic commands that our pups must accomplish and to emphasize (especially in light of Texas) that the pups were here to make them feel safe and put a smile on their faces. After our presentations and a question/answer period in each class, we walked our pups around the room and let each child pet them, hand out our trading cards and enjoy a class photo with the teacher for memories. It was especially special for Bari and Star as they were deployed in 2017 to this school site over multiple days when a teacher was killed in the classroom due to domestic violence. The Principal is still there and fondly remembered Bari and Star and their contributions to the school site during that tragic period of time as well as now, five years later. Finally, at the end of the event, it was very cute that one class of kinders had prepared thank you cards for Harley and ran after us to give them to us as we closed out the day.

Agency: San Bernardino School District/North Park Elementary
Teams: Bari Boersma & Star