OCME Office of the Chief Medical Examiner

Start Date: 2019/10/25

Description: Amy and Gussie and TJ and I were posted on the 2nd floor of the OCME building in Manhattan in a conference type room. Staff came in and out for about 2 hours and we visited with about 30-40 folks. Many staff got down on the floor with Gussie and TJ and interacted well and for quite long periods of time. It was evident that the dogs were good stress relievers. Kelly from OCME then also took us to the 8th floor to visit the call center staff. There we visited one on one with staff who also appeared very interactive and happy to visit with the dogs. We visited one other department that notifies families of deceased persons where we spent about 20 mins with 3 team members who were very grateful.

Agency: OCME
Teams: Amy and Gussie