Viewing of Sheriff Deputy Jake Allmendinger, Montana

Start Date: 10/24/2019


Deputy Jake Allmendinger, 31, was killed in a tragic accident as he and his partner were responding to a call from stranded motorists. He had worked for 911 dispatch for 7 years, Search and Rescue for 8 years, and became a Deputy in 2017. He was married and had 3 young children. HOPE was requested to provide teams to support members of the family and the community at his open casket viewing.
Upon arrival Gala spoke with Irene Dahl and then accompanied Nancy & Yuki and Carol & Maggie into the mortuary and introduced us. Irene was very welcoming and asked that we stay in the reception area right inside the entrance. Later during the viewing, we were told we could walk into the viewing room and the room behind it where there were light snacks and tables and chairs.
Many of those who attended the viewing were very responsive and appreciated the dogs and allowed them to offer comfort. There were many law enforcement men and women present as well as search and rescue volunteers. Jake's parents and some grandparents as well as siblings were also there. The level of grief and sadness ebbed and flowed. All of us could feel it.
Carol & Maggie left at 6:45. Gala and Nancy & Yuki stayed. Katherine & Layla arrived at 7. They all left at 8:20 as there were few people still there and all had an opportunity to interact with the dogs.

Agency: Dahl Funeral Home

Nancy Dodd & Yuki; Katherine Howe & Layla