Operation Purple Summer Camp just for Military Kids

Start Date: 07/17/2019


This Operation Purple camp was being held at UC Riverside in the recreation buildings and surrounding areas on UC Riverside campus. We arrived at 9am and met with Carl our POC. National gaurd members were also present and set up a large obstacle course for a confidence and team building exercise. We were asked to stage on a large grass area beside the course and be available to the participants as they waited and completed this exercise. The kids loved the dogs and at any one time each dog had 5-6 kids patting them and talking to us. They were very respectful of both us and the dogs. As always there were a large mixture of emotions. Many talked about their own dogs and others their families. The POC Carl commented to me that he was amazed at how well our dogs did and the response from the children. After everyone had partipated in the obstacle course they did their group camp picture. The kids insisted the dogs joined in and in the front row no less!

Agency: UCR Education

Carol Betzer and Nickki