Orange County Crisis Response Conference

Start Date: 05/15/2019


The Orange County Department of Education sponsors an annual workshop. This year's theme was "Mass Victimization: Natural and Man-Made Disasters - Minimizing the Emotional and Mental Health Impact of Disasters." This was the 8th year that this day-long workshop has been offered.
HOPE AACR was requested to do a presentation highlighting the services offered and the important role that comfort dogs play. Steve Booth, PSW Regional Director, began by showing the video created a few months ago. Jodi Smith followed this with the power point which gives specific information about HOPE AACR. Numerous participants asked questions and shared information about ways in which HOPE has been utilized in a variety of crisis situations. Their comments were positive and very supportive. Once the presentations were over, the dogs were available for petting and offering comfort. The handlers also answered a variety of questions and handed out their dogs' trading cards. The participants were excited and involved in the presentation.

Agency: Orange County Crisis Response Network

Jodi Smith and Daltry; Jan Heppert and Sequoia; Pam Bertz and Rustee; Cathleen McMurran and Fargo; Steve Booth