Orange County Fire Authority

Start Date: 06/11/2020


HOPE was asked to deploy to the Orange County Fire Authority to provide support during the stress of dealing with the Pandemic and the civil unrest. We were asked to respond to the Emergency Communications Center in Irvine California. Bari and I arrived early to discuss the CANINE PROTOCOLS DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC. Once we briefed each other, we made contact with the POC. The POC meet us outside the facility and preformed a brief medical assessment. Both teams passed the medical assessment and enter the ECC. Some ECC members wore masks and some did not. We were scheduled to remain till 2000 hours but at about 1915 hours the ECC had become very active with emergency calls. Both teams agreed we should leave as not to become a negative distraction.

It was GREAT to deploy again.

Agency: Orange County Fire Authority

Bari Boersma