Oxford Attorney General Meeting

Start Date: 04/18/2022


We were requested by the Chief Investigator for the Attorney General to return to the Legacy 925 building (Which is a very large building with a lot of kid friendly type activities such as bowling, go carts etc.). We had previously done an event after the Oxford school shooting when the students got back together with staff and were provided resources and counseling. The Legacy 925 had given our name to the AG's office.

This event was for the parents and students to meet with the AG to tell their stories and air frustrations about the shooting. This was held in an large room with round tables and chairs. The AG's office had a team of victim advocates on hand to do grief counseling and provide support. The event was scheduled for two hours but ran longer than expected. There were very few students there and approximately 100 parents. Although the room was tense and frustration filled the air, it was apparent people were still grieving but not in a visible way like recent trauma. This event occurred in November so over 5 months have passed.

With three canine teams and one TL we covered the back and side of the room ready to deploy if needed. Although the dogs were well received and got some attention they did not provide much in the way of comfort. We were thanked many times for just being there though. All the canine teams did great.

Agency: Michigan Attorney General

Bob Starr/Oliver, Kay Rice/Maia, Katy Davis/Sunny