Phoenix Municiple Court

Start Date: 08/08/2019


I was asked to assist two young boys, ages 12 & 15, as they were called to court to give pre-trial testimony against the mother's boyfriend who had allegedly assaulted them. The defense attorney did not allow Cinder or myself to be present during their actual questioning, however, we were able to give lots of hugs and snuggles before and after. The youngest boy, (12), found great comfort in being able to pet Cinder while he tried to calm down. In fact the entire family, mother & older sister as well, found Cinder to be very comforting during this process. The defendant pleaded no contest, thus a trial was averted and he was immediately sentenced. The mother and older sister were able to give statements before he was sentenced. During their absence I stayed with the boys and we chatted about their dog, a one yr. old pit bull, school, etc. Cinder gave them high-fives, shook paws, rolled and got belly rubs. The stress meter seemed to go down appreciably.

Agency: Law Department City Prosecutor’s Office Victim Services Unit