Regional San Jose CISM Debriefing

Start Date: 06/27/2019


We were contacted by the Bay Area CISM team to respond to a local hospitals peer support leader. They had a group of nurses that had been camping together the week prior and one of their nurses, who was very young, was found dead in the morning. The staff was having a very difficult time and the Bay Area CISM team and HOPE dog teams were asked to be there the week prior for support and then were asked again for the official debriefing. Only Lady Grace and I were present for the debriefing, and she was very well received. I received multiple texts after the deployment from some of the other peer support counselors that this was the first time that there was a dog present, and wished they had the opportunity of having a dog to help people. One counselor said "it was incredible to watch her lay down in the middle and as she was exhaling, everyone's stress level palpably decreased. It was amazing to watch."

Agency: Bay Area Critical Incident Debriefing Team