Regis Jesuit High School, Aurora, CO

Start Date: 11/06/2019


HOPE was invited to Regis Jesuit High School to introduce our Teams to their students and adults on campus. They had a death in their school last month and would like HOPE to be a resource for them when they have a crisis. We were greeted very enthusiastically by all the staff. We were directed to an activity area where the students do yoga. The administrator announced our location over the intercom and then the bell rang for lunch. We were inundated with students. Several times I tried to visually check on the other teams but I could not see them through the crowd. At one point, there were at least a dozen kids with their hands on Keeper. Afterwards, I heard the other teams had similar experiences. It still amazes me these dogs can take that kind of pressure. The students I met were very respectful, polite, and well dressed. Everyone (staff included) seemed very happy the dogs were there.

Agency: Regis Jesuit High School

Marie & Timmy, Lee & Grace, Karen & Sarah