Rocky Mountain Survivors' Studio Open House, Colorado

Start Date: 10/20/2019


I met Cynthia through our work with Parents of Murdered Children. Her sister, brother-in-law, and niece were murdered. She is starting a support group for families and friends of murder victims to help rebuild their lives through writing, visual arts, and music. This was her open house to advertise her studio. Sadly, only one family member came but there were representatives from the Douglas County Sheriff's Department and other resource agencies. There was a lot of networking that happened. The victim advocate from the sheriff's department recognized Timmy from the COVA department and said she remembered laying on the floor with him. I shared about HOPE with the head of the group Love Bears All. He was interested in doing therapy work with his dog and asked a lot of questions. The family member was very smitten with Timmy and was excited that she might be seeing him at future meetings.

Agency: Rocky Mountain Survivors' Studio