Rose Drive Friends Church

Start Date: 2022-03-16

Description: We were requested to deploy to a meeting of students and their families from Kraemer Middle School related to the incident at the school on March 14th where and assistant Principal took his own life on campus. We were asked to be outside as the students and adults arrived and then to transition inside with the students and also the adults. The adults were in a separate room and there were only 6 mothers of students, so Jan and Sequoia worked that room, where the 6 mothers were quite emotional and Sequoia made the rounds from one mother to the next giving comfort. The rest of us worked the students room where the students did talk and share about the event but they did not seem to be emotional and though they experienced trauma the day the school had to be evacuated they seemed to have recuperated by Wednesday evening and not all the students attending the Youth Center at the church were students at the school where it happed as several schools were represented in the church Youth Group. They had a good visit with the dogs and the leadership of the Youth Group also enjoyed the dogs a lot. Everyone was appreciative that we came out to support them.

Agency: Rose Drive Friends Church
Teams: Jan Heppert and Sequoia, Steve Booth and Henry, Jan Aven and Cha Cha