Rudyard School Students Injured in Accident (MI)

Start Date: 10/15/2019


Rudyard school is a small K- 12 school. At the time of the deployment request, we were informed that three 9th grade students were injured in an ATV accident and were hospitalized. At that time it was known that one student had a severe concussion and a broken neck. The students are members o the volleyball team and were supposed to play in a tournament the day after the accident. The HOPE teams arrived and met with the school administration and their crisis response team. During the meeting students started arriving for the day. As soon as the meeting adjourned Brenda and Raven headed towards one student entrance and Karen and Charles headed to the other student entrance. Both dogs were well received but many students were unaware of the reason for our deployment. For them, we just said it was just to start their week off well. The volleyball team and coaches were brought together for a private session as they were the most affected. Two of the injured girls were actually able to attend school that morning. Their attendance greatly reduced the emotional turmoil of the students and staff. HOPE teams participated in recording a video for the remaining hospitalized student.

Agency: Rudyard High School (MI)

Karen Alvord and Charles
Brenda Eagle Ransom and Raven