Safe Passage

Start Date: 2022-06-01

Description: Visited with 2, 4 year old kids and parents. One 4 year old boy was very busy. Wanted to play but took time to pet Grace and ask about her. The 4 year old girl was quite attached to Grace and I. When mom left for her interview she wanted to make sure Grace and I would stay with her. She played in the toy room and included Grace in her play. When it was her time to be interviewed she refused to go. They rescheduled her for another day. She did not want leave the toy room to go home with her mom. I said it was time for Grace to go home. We left the room. Grace looked back in the room and pulled me in back in. I felt she wanted to make sure her girl was ok. The girl then came out Grace went up to her they said their good byes. So touching to see Grace connect like that. There was also A teen there who sat alone. Grace and I spent time talking about her cats and she relaxed smiled and pet Grace.

Agency: Safe Passage
Teams: None