Safe Passage

Start Date: 02/18/2022


As we have said so many times, flexibility is the name of the game in doing deployments. Our usual Wed Safe Passage day had no clients scheduled so I was asked to go on Fri when they had 4 clients scheduled. I did my own schedule adjustment to accommodate the change which I was happy to do. The first client, a teen, was very interested in interacting with Lucas as were her parents. We had a very nice visit until they were called for their interviews. We visited with them after their interviews and all seemed very pleased that Lucas was still there. Then we had a long, nice visit with the staff which they always enjoy. The following client, a 7 year old cancelled their appointment because her parents wanted a specific nurse to perform her exam. Unfortunately, the nurse was not working on this day. Then the following clients, 3 year old twins had their appointment rescheduled. The last client, a teen, was escorted by a police officer and a school counselor. All interacted with Lucas and expressed their appreciation for him being there. The teen appeared very nervous and anxious. She seemed to really relax while interacting with Lucas. I gave her one of his cards and she held it very tightly and close to her. She had a stuffed animal which she also held very close to her. Even though the morning unfolded differently than expected, we still had some good visits.

Agency: Safe Passage