Safe Passage Colorado Springs , CO

Start Date: 08/10/2020


This was just going to be a drop off and go. Not intended as a deployment. Grace and I were delivering a Poster/Banner to the Safe Passage. A place that helps abused children heal . While there, we went up to visit with the counselors,5 of them. They were so happy to see Grace. The group sat on the floor in a semi circle in an open space and had happy stories of their own dogs to share. I could see the smiles in their eyes and hear it in their voices. They have missed the dog visits.They also talked of a recent phone call that was frustrating. No interviews were scheduled till afternoon with clients. We have not been cleared to visit with the clients yet. We talked about virtual visits. They did not want to go that route. I will contact them again and visit with the staff as they said they would like that. I need to clear it with their supervisor.

Agency: Safe Passage