Safe Passage Colorado

Start Date: 09/03/2019


The first two clients were very much routine, a three yo girl and a teen girl and a parent for each. We spent time in the playroom with the 3 yo and in the lounge area with the teenager whom I was able to engage in a conversation about dogs. She liked Lyrrik a lot and couldn't stop talking about her Aussie Cattle Dog, a rescue that really is HER dog, snuggles, protection and all. The third client, another teenage girl arrived with an armed escort and an entourage representing many different agencies. She was not at all interested in Lyrrik stating 'I just took a shower' so I offered him to the many adults assembled for her interview. Several were very appreciative and just his presence in the room seemed to slightly reduce the anxiety and tension. After well over an hour with the third client, it appeared the interview was going to take quite a long time, more than the usual, especially given the number of agencies present. Since the client hadn't shown any interest in Lyrrik, I asked Jen if there was any point in our staying any longer and she agreed there really wasn't anything more we could offer and she was very grateful for our visit. She remarked that the HOPE visits are always so much appreciated.

Agency: Safe Passage