San Bernardino County Department of Children & Family Services

Start Date: 10/14/2020


We were asked to respond today to de-stress this busy office that specializes in some stressful work involving removing and placing children in foster care etc. We were to station in a conference room in separate locations and allow the employees to spend time with the pups as their schedules allowed. Today was a particularly full day at their office as it was a "bosses day lunch celebration" that drew many employees from their telecommute from home to attend. Many employees came by both teams in small groups of up to 3 or by themselves. There were several that were having "bad" days and were very thankful that we were there and had looked forward to their return today from previous events done by HOPE. The conference room was a different one from the previous one and the furniture was on wheels and very easy for Cathleen and I to arrange that would work for our two stations. Cathleen utilized her dog bed for Fargo and most employees enjoyed holding and cuddling with Fargo. Harley had his large blanket and either employees got down on the blanket or some chose to sit in the chair which allowed Harley to position in the sit position and allow for their session that suited them. One young employee laid down on the blanket and took selfies with Harley and then showed Harley his photos.

Agency: San Bernardino County Department of Children & Family Services

Cathleen McMurran and Fargo