San Bernardino DBH CCRT Teams- Rialto office

Start Date: 2022-03-16

Description: San Bernardino Children's Crisis Response program reached out to have HOPE dogs come to their offices for de-stressing for their employees. This had been initiated and deferred multiple times due to COVID 19. We were informed that each office would have approximately 15 employees. This team is colocated with other programs so, after the CCRT employees had their time with the dogs it was opened up to other DBH employees, resulting in well over 50 interactions. All employees were extremely grateful for the interaction, some mentioned having had very challenging cases that day or week and spent longer times with the dogs. Several employees had met Daltrey before and remembered him (one from a stress relief event for the CCRT teams that responded to the Regional Center shooting years ago). The intern who organized the visit created and gifted us with bandanas for the dogs and a doggie gift basket- quite a nice surprise!

Agency: SB DBH
Teams: Bari Boersma & Star