Saranac Public Schools Student Death (MI)

Start Date: 09/04/2019


This was the second day of a two day deployment following the death of a 7th grader who collapsed on the football field during practice the previous Wednesday. As per our usual response protocol, we deployed at the entrance to the school as the students arrived as well as in the hallways between classes throughout the day. Kay and Maia also deployed for a brief period to the elementary school.

Since it had been a week since the death of the student, things had mostly returned to normal at the school. However we did give some comfort to a few students throughout the day. Because the funeral was to be held at the school late that afternoon, we stood by until students were dismissed in case there was a need. There was none. It was determined that we were not needed before, during, and after the funeral.

Agency: Saranac Public Schools

Julia Meier and Ischgl; Kay Rice and Maia