Sault Ste. Marie High School Health Fair (MI)

Start Date: 05/05/2022


Sophia Bush was the team leader for the students who organized the annual Health Fair at Sault High School. She was on top of it all by touching base to make sure we were all settled in for the day. There were eleven booths set up and the students flowed in a very organized fashion with twelve total groups throughout the day. The students who organized the event were very attentive to our needs such as having bottled water, snacks, escorting us to the dogs' potty area and lunch. Many student were excited to see the dogs; quite a few commented that this was their favorite part of the Fair. Many even remembered HOPE from years past, as did a few of the teachers and the counselors.

Agency: Sault Ste. Marie High School

Cathy Queen and Parker; Amy Boatman and Oliver; Julia Meier and Ischgl