Teacher Death Lincoln Elementary School Sault Ste. Marie (MI)

Start Date: 01/13/2020


The deployment arose from the death of a Special Ed Teacher and her husband in a car accident the Saturday evening before the deployment.
We arrived at the Lincoln Elementary School and met with Dr. Hall. The other teams met at the JKL Bahweting School. Larry and Montie and Brenda and Raven greeted students as they arrived at school. Then we attended a staff meeting and spent some time with teachers and staff as they planned their day. We were provided a small room with a rest room to use as quiet time for Raven and Montie. The library was designated as a place where the teams would meet with students who were suffering from stress over the loss of the teacher. A white board had been set up with the teacher name on it and staff and students wrote a few words they chose to describe the teacher. Throughout the day there was a continual stream of students who came to the library. As we approached the end of the school day the need seemed to abate somewhat and the dogs had absorbed as much as possible.

Agency: Sault Ste Marie Schools (MI)

Brenda Ransom and Raven; Lawrence Friedman and Montie