School Death (teacher)

Start Date: 06/05/2019


OCDE asked us to respond to Rennasance International Elementary School reference the unexpected death of a teacher. The teacher had worked on Monday, called in sick on Tuesday and passed away on Wednesday. The staff was hit very hard with the news. Kathy and I arrived and were greeted by the staff. We were asked to greet staff and students in the Chapel. Between 11:30 am and 12:15 am we visited with staff only. At about 12:30 am, we started meeting with the students of the teachers class(about 15 or so). Almost immediately I encountered a young girl who started to cry. I signal Kandice, of the CRN, that the girl needed assistance. The girl told Kandice she wanted to stay for a few minutes and pet the dogs. After she was done petting the dogs, Kandice guided her to a separate area and spoke with her one on one. The students were very exuberate. Both dogs did a great job of handling the onslaught of children. The staff did a good job of keeping the students somewhat focused on petting the dogs and being respectful. Between 12:30 pm and 2:00 pm we visited with 80 students under the age of 8.

Agency: Orange County Department of Education

Kathy Lowmiller and Mariah