Schriever AFB - Lunchbox Games, Colorado Springs, CO

Start Date: 12/17/2019


Sandy Miller, Keeper & I went to Schriever AFB to support their Lunchbox Games. We set up in the hallway outside the Lunchbox games. Many people stopped to pat Keeper and to talk with us about dogs. The people that work at this facility do very difficult shift work. There were at least two Commanders who asked if we could come to visit their shops. There lots of people who wanted to pet and interact with Keeper. She has a way of wagging her tail and trolling for pets.

What still amazes me about her is her ability to get a attention from people who are not interested. One Captain in particular, stopped by just to find out if he could schedule a time for us to come and visit with his unit. He declined to pet Keeper when he first came to talk with us. Then again during our conversation he said no thank you. BUT before he left he was reaching out on his own volition to put his hands on her.

Agency: Schriever AFB